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Auction scene Zhen Qing Qianlong Pink Vase with two ears and Mouth (pair)

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The bottle ring is painted green trees and green mountains, the brush is concise, the writing is like Chuanshen, and it is skillful in setting the Chen cloth, like the painting axis, the volume is endless and the meaning is infinite, which is actually the treasures of the Qianlong period。Tang Ying (1682-1756), the director of the famous Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln, was good at painting landscape, and the porcelain in charge of burning was often decorated with emerald pavilions and water mirrors reflecting pavilions。In the early years of Qianlong, Tang Ying painted landscape porcelain, or Tang Ying painted personally, or artisans wrote according to the draft。

Examples can be seen in a Tang Ying painting landscape porcelain, recorded in the forestry strong(Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society, 1998-9, No. 63, pp. 65-82, figures 8 and 9),The decoration is similar to a Tang British pastel "poem landscape" lantern bottle in Mr. And Mrs. Leonard's collection,The latter was sold by Sotheby's, Hong Kong, 15 November 1988 (No. 52)。Deformed Kui ear bottle, long neck, straight belly, beautiful landscape painting, with carmine wrapped branches of flowers, ware patterns are the characteristics of late Qianlong。At that time, craftsman clever heart wonderful match, refined all kinds of color porcelain, bottle type is changeable, pattern is numerous, so rare treasures are rarely the same, Dai Runzhai collection of bottles is extremely rare, suspected to be an isolated case。Bottle neck circle foot painting carmine red scroll line brocade, wonderful imitation Qianlong early foreign color cone pick icing on the cake, plus decorated painted branches of foreign flowers, bustling and beautiful。Similar porcelain vase,Multi-painted purple red rolled grass flower brocade,Decorated with figures and landscapes,See the vase of Qianlong Baby Play in Taipei Hung Xi Art Museum,The drawing pattern is similar to this product,In Spitzer, Selected Chinese Ceramics of the Past (Taipei 1990, Plate 168);Bottles in the National Palace Museum, Taipei,Collected in the Annals of Qing Porcelain in the Imperial Palace - Qianlong Kiln and Others (Tokyo 1981, Plate 36),Comparable to。Qianlong colored porcelain is gorgeous and elegant, and there are many imitations in the middle and late Qing Dynasty, especially Daoguang。National Palace Museum collection of Daoguang vase, pink neck, body decorated with human landscape map (ibid., plate 120);There is also a Daoguang vase in the Palace Museum in Beijing, purple neck, the body painted garden scenery, recorded in the Complete Collection of Chinese Ceramics (Shanghai 2000, Volume 15, Plate 165)。

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